McDonald's breakfasts in South Korea and Egypt

Fast Food Differences Across the World

Fast-food joints work hard to tailor their main menus and dishes to reflect a specific country's culture. So, here's a look at a few popular United States fast-food meals and their international iterations.

planes, a rat, and wire inside body

20 Common Drugs That Were Originally Invented for a Very Different Purpose

Believe it or not, many things are created on accident. We’re here to talk about some common drugs that were invented for a different purpose than they’re currently used for today. Keep reading to learn about some pretty common drugs that are now used for something entirely different than they were invented for.

guy sniffing food

20 Food Safety Myths, Debunked

Misconceptions like these could be what leads to an angry tummy or food poisoning.

Couple on a camping trip

20 Things that Go On Sale in the Fall

Are you waiting for the perfect time to make a big purchase? Fall might be the best time for you. Find out what items are at their best prices during the autumn months!

nordstrom storefront

35 Brands That Are Closing Stores in 2019

The retail apocalypse is hitting some stores harder than others. These are 35 brands that are closing stores and may not be around much longer!

Abercrombie & Fitch and Bed Bath & Beyond

34 Brands on the Brink of Declaring Bankruptcy

These stores may not last much longer, so it's time to stock up on their merch!

Social workers play a valuable role in helping children and families in need.

Should You Get a Master's in Social Work?

Social workers provide valuable and essential services to children and families that are vulnerable. They provide assistance to families in need of support and help people recognize, solve, and cope with problems in their daily lives. They can also do clinical social work to diagnose and treat mental, behavioral, and emotional issues for those children and families.

man looking at woman

Is Medical Sales Right for You?

Working in the medical sales field can earn you a lot of money while meeting many new people. It's a good career, but is it worth it?

Working mom struggles to balance a family and career.

Best States for Working Moms

Being a woman in the workforce is already hard, but when a person has to factor in kids, everything gets even more complicated.

an american tradition

30 American Traditions Spreading Abroad

Some American traditions can't seem to stay put! No matter how special they are to Americans, their essences wander off to influence other countries. These 30 American traditions are pretty easy to spot, even abroad.

A Black Friday fight

35 American Customs That Baffle Foreign Tourists

America does many things well, but we also have some quirks. Here are 35 things that our tourists are baffled by!

A performer illuminated in a pink-purple light; the site of the ancient Elamite civilization

30 Interesting Facts About Iran

Just like other countries, Iran has a rich history and culture that is fascinating to foreigners. More than mosques and hijabs, filled with incredible food, sights, and historical places, Iran is a place to check out for sure.

our favorite tv characters of the 80s

The 30 Most Beloved TV Characters of the '80s

Although each decade introduces a plethora of new sitcoms and series, the ‘80s are particularly memorable for their beloved TV shows, TV families, and TV characters. Here are 30 of the best TV characters from the ‘80s!

highest paid nba players of all time

The 30 Highest-Paid NBA Players of All Time

Just to keep ourselves humble, here the 30 highest-paid NBA players of all time.

best contact lenses

10 Best Contact Lenses

Dry, red, itchy, and irritated eyes will soon be a thing of the past! Here are 10 of the best contact lenses for your different wants and needs. 

Is an audio engineering degree right for you

Is an Audio Engineering Degree Right for You?

So you’re interested in audio engineering. Let us make it easy on you and help you decide if this is the right degree for you! 

plastic choker and pink shirt

30 Things We All (Regrettably) Wore to School in the Early 2000s

The early 2000s isn't known for its amazing fashion choices, but were they all that bad? Some, yeah. Some were really horrible.

celebrity who dropped out of college

25 Celebrities Who Dropped Out of College

In this day and age, it’s almost impossible to tell who has a college degree and who doesn’t. You’d be surprised at the celebrities who never finished college. Here's a list of 25 of our favorite dropouts.

a silver 2019 genesis g80 zooming down the road

Which 2019 Genesis G80 Is Right for You?

The 2019 Genesis G80 has three trims and three features packages. But with standard features this luxurious, does it make sense to shell out for even more?

Which 2017 Genesis G80 is for you?

The Genesis G80 has three trims and three features packages. But with standard features this luxurious, does it make sense to shell out for even more?

a white 2020 toyota sienna

Which 2020 Toyota Sienna Is Right for You?

Room for family, reasonable mileage and Toyota's commitment to safety make the Sienna a solid choice. But which Toyota Sienna trim is the one for you?